Monday, March 28, 2011

Motif Magazine

Have you seen this magazine? Motif is a free, quarterly online magazine. I am new to the concept of online magazines but how great are they? I had a quick read but I need to sit down with a cuppa and have a longer read. They even have a playlist of great music to listen to, making it a lovely relaxing experience.
The other online magazine I have discovered is Maeve Magazine which is another free one that has great stuff to read. Go on! Check them out!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gypsy in me...

Isn't it amazing how you can travel around the world and see amazing sights from your own swivel chair. My travels this wonderful Saturday morning have taken me far... amazing places. I've ended up in Normandie, France at a place called Eclectic Gipsyland
Here is her Flickr photostream .I took a look at her Etsy Shop and ended up ordering some paper from her shop. What will I do with it? Good question...

 This as the paper I chose.

I love this bag!

And this one!
 So, this Saturday, I am wasting lots of time gazing and wishing. I have the usual jobs I should be doing. We had a party here this week for Miss E's 6th birthday. Perhaps I will post about this later...
It will be a nice day here today! hmmm washing! GET TO IT!!!
Hope your Saturday is inspiring and exiting!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mystic Twenty (1971)

     Here's a challenge for me. I love this Sesame video and it's the first time I've Blogged from YouTube. Not sure how it will go.
 I first saw this posted on Little Dear Tracks She has a few more Sesame clips to check out! They feel vaguely familiar to me. I especially loved the images on this one, all the flowers and the tile patterns. If I haven't managed to get this video working or you want more go  Here
It's Saturday again. Why is it I always seem to be blogging on a Saturday Morning? I have lots of plans today! Did I tell you I broke my toe? Well the house has been deteriorating into a huge mess which needs cleaning. We have Miss E turning 6 this week and we are having an afternoon tea party on Monday afternoon (public holiday) Somehow I need to mow the back lawn before it rains. I'm sure it will all be fine.What is the worst that can happen? People will think I'm messy (true) disorganized (true) lazy (?) I won't go on, I might hurt my feelings. (the kids always warn me of this when I call the dog smelly or the chicken Sooky)
So, Happy Saturday everyone. If you're in Melbourne, enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yesterday I was looking forward to dropping Miss E at school, Mr N at kinder and having a few hours child free. It is Miss E's birthday next week and I had a few things to buy, party stuff to organize. Walking into school I stubbed my little toe and it was sticking out sideways. So instead I spent the day at the doctors, x-ray, back to the doctors, then off to emergency. After all that they put some sticky tape on it to try and straighten it!  So today the plan is to stay at home and do nothing. Sort of nice to have an excuse to be lazy! Maybe some party research is in order! I would add a photo but it's not very pretty!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Saturday

My, hasn't the week gone quickly?
We have a lovely Saturday free again this week. The sky is blue for a change but the air has the Autumn chill. Today I am determined to tidy a little of the week's mess that has accumulated. Our house has a pig sty in every room!
Then, if the sun stays out I might do a little gardening. I'm wondering if our pumpkins are almost ready. The little vegie patch has been neglected the last couple of weeks. I am a fair weather gardener unfortunately. I have a feeling my snow peas have been eaten and our onions have been choked by the Kikuyu. 
I had great plans this week and I feel like I have done nothing! And I have no photos to show for it!
Hope your Saturday is fine and dandy!