Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mystic Twenty (1971)

     Here's a challenge for me. I love this Sesame video and it's the first time I've Blogged from YouTube. Not sure how it will go.
 I first saw this posted on Little Dear Tracks She has a few more Sesame clips to check out! They feel vaguely familiar to me. I especially loved the images on this one, all the flowers and the tile patterns. If I haven't managed to get this video working or you want more go  Here
It's Saturday again. Why is it I always seem to be blogging on a Saturday Morning? I have lots of plans today! Did I tell you I broke my toe? Well the house has been deteriorating into a huge mess which needs cleaning. We have Miss E turning 6 this week and we are having an afternoon tea party on Monday afternoon (public holiday) Somehow I need to mow the back lawn before it rains. I'm sure it will all be fine.What is the worst that can happen? People will think I'm messy (true) disorganized (true) lazy (?) I won't go on, I might hurt my feelings. (the kids always warn me of this when I call the dog smelly or the chicken Sooky)
So, Happy Saturday everyone. If you're in Melbourne, enjoy the sunshine!

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