Sunday, August 28, 2011


Just started watching a bit of The Cove on Abc. All I want to say is that it showed some of the most disturbing images I have ever seen on TV. Did you see it?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Post 72!

I just noticed I have done 72 posts! Can you believe that? I can't. What have I talked about 72 times?
Today,I am giving you a few more instagram shots, just for something different, some random happenings and maybe I will ask your opinion about something....
Hang on while I grab a snack....mmm raspberry liquorice?

Mr N turned 5 this week! We had a pirate party for a few of his friends at the pub. Yes, I went for the really easy option! It is hard having a winter baby... Then I felt a bit lazy, so I sewed all the guests drawstring pirate pouches and filled them with treasure! Hence the photo of my trusty Husqvarna below!

Mr N and I     

My trusty old Husqvarna     
 Now, if I was clever I could work out how to move these photos around!!
One day I will learn.
We have had some very wet weather and some lovely sunny days too. Miss E made the most of the sun last week....
Miss E getting creative
 I have been doing a bit of eBaying and looking around town. I will have to photograph my eBay purchases but here is a cute stool I found at Lost and Found Market in East Brunswick.
A great find
I don't know if I shared a photo of the ducklings at the farm but here is one grown up!
Ducklings grow up!
 How do I get this photo to move up to the top?
We had a pirate party this week!
This is me delirious after night duty a couple of weeks ago

It was very wet at the farm this winter!

Amazing views out there!
 I read about The Happiness Project over at Meet Me At Mikes and decided to buy it! I had a moment of happiness in the sun reading it!
Sunshine and the Happiness Project

Wattle has been blooming

Sky so blue!

Our baby chicken started laying!  

There was something else I was pondering.... I have been very lucky with giveaways the last couple of weeks. I was thinking it is about time I gave something back. Now, I am very lucky to have 10 followers and I was wondering if I should make something to give away? What do you think? I haven't had many comments lately. I was wondering if perhaps the comment thing isn't working. So... anyone out there watching or reading. Should I have a giveaway and what should it be?? I think that is me for the night.... The heater has just turned itself off so it must be late.
Sleeping Angel

Friday, August 5, 2011

More Great stuff!

Remember how I won a subscription last week to Mollie Makes magazine? Well this week I had an email from Aunty Cookie and I have won a copy of  Kid's Crafternoon : Papercraft. I really can't believe it! I normally am not a winner! My kids will love this book. Every day my daughter has the paper scissors and sticky tape out!! Thanks Shannon!