Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a great day! What a great week!

I'm very exited!! Thanks to Pip I have won a 6 month subscription to Mollie Makes Magazine. Hooray!! I think this is a big hint to get organized and start making stuff! I have not been very crafty lately. Don't get me wrong, I have had a hundred ideas floating around in my brain box. I have gathered many ingredients for my crafty ideas! I just need to get to it!! 
Meet Me At Mike's  was my first blog you know and still my favorite. Pip is very inspiring!! 
Lately the weather has been glorious and I think my creative juices have been slightly satisfied by Instagram and my ubiquitous iphone! (I love the word ubiquitous!) Want to see the latest favorites?

Miss E

Mr N

Sun, glorious sun!

Strange fence in Coburg

Yummy morning tea

New haircut

One of my favorite plates

Mr N and I went to the Preston Market today. Don't you love a trip to the market?  I came home with my senses spinning! We went with a friend and her little girl and I love how the children are spoilt by everyone they meet! They had taste tests everywhere. I came home with the car smelling delicious! A combination of freshly ground coffee, a bunch of erlicheer  (I call it Early Cheer!) and a BBQ chicken!

Tomorrow I have permission from Miss E's prep teacher to miss school for the day and go with Gramma and myself to The Craft And Quilt Fair. If I don't get inspiration there I have a problem!

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