Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hooray for the Labyrinth!!

I developed a thing for labyrinths!
I became a bit obsessed....
I think it started when I read this . I have the book Birthing From Within. I found it very useful preparing for myself to labour and I also found it useful as a professional. Pam England has a new book Labyrinth of birth. I would love to buy it. I found out how to draw one and I became addicted to it for a while. I even embroidered it onto a bag:

Bit dodgy I know but it was my first try at embroidery. They were the only colours I had at the time. Miss E and I have been googling them this morning and practicing them. Then Miss E has come up with this amazing design:
We have great plans for labyrinths!! I might even get a tattoo!!
 There were lots more I wanted to show here but they are taking ages to load and we are off to Sydney road before Mr N needs to be picked up from kinder. (Miss E woke with a sore throat that is miraculously better)

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