Saturday, December 20, 2014

Grateful for paté!

I have just come home from dropping my kids at their Nan's for the night. The first morning of the school holidays has been loud, setting my nerves tingling, my teeth gritting. There's been plenty of silliness, shouting and arguing, laughing and crying. I went to La Manna on the way home and bought myself some fresh bread, terrine and paté. Now I am enjoying the peace and quiet. I feel such a party pooper sometimes. I know children just want to have loud fun, but sometimes I have to hide myself away for a moment to give my ears a break! 
Bad photo I know, but I am grateful for every mouthful and every quiet breath! For now.......

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Grateful For Bunnies

I'm listening to the kids jumping on the trampoline. That distant summer shouting that I love because it means they're outside and being active and I'm feeling grateful and proud. Grateful because my children are healthy and happy and we have everything we need. Proud because I have done most of this myself. I work and I pay the bills and although I have lots of help from friends and family to make it possible, I make it happen. I hope that doesn't sound self important. I don't often give myself credit but today I am! And we have bunnies!

Merlin and Arthur!

And they have a palatial hutch!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dining room dreaming

I'm sitting at my dining room table, flies buzzing around me as they slowly die. It's been a warm day here in Melbourne and I've had the back door open. I've been wondering why I started a blog and why I stopped. I had time in the past. I was working one night a week, my kids were smaller. Blogging now has become such a big thing. It's hard to compete! These days I am working 7 days a fortnight. I hardly have time to work in the garden or sew something, let alone blog about it!  I am inspired by things in fleeting moments that pass quickly! I still have plenty to say though. Perhaps I should try and share the inspirations before they fly away! Here a few of my favourite photos shot recently. Random shots of life passing by!

Recent trip to Funfields

A holiday in Torquay 
My friend put together this great blanket to help save our local hall. I've just started to use the blogger app and haven't worked out how to put links in. When I do I will put a link in.
 I sewed some Harry Potter robes. They went as Ron and Ginny Weasley!
 Coburg North Farmers Market!

That's enough for now. I don't want to use up all my enthusiasm!  I should take myself off to bed. I thought when my children were 8 & 9 I would sleep through the night and so would they! Apparently not the case. I had one in my bed from the start who woke me at 4 which then woke the other and we all had an unsettled night. I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow and I think I should plan to do absolutely nothing!