Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crusts and stuff

Mr N doesn't like his crusts but doesn't he arrange them nicely? Apparently it's a rainbow.....

It's a beautiful Saturday. I've been making my mum a pouch for her phone. It's sort of a prototype.

In other news the kids were fighting on my bed and knocked a full box of sequins and beads all over the floor. They were nicely sorted!! I would like to say I said "never mind my darlings" but unfortunately I didn't because I had already said to keep out! Gee I'm a mean mum.
Hope you're having a great Saturday!! I'm now sewing a cushion cover as requested by Miss E.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doodle Stitching!

I am new to embroidery, but I have great visions of getting better! I bought a new book a couple of weeks ago
It has so many great designs and comes with a CD. I have worked out how to look at the pictures but it says to use an image editing program to make better use of the images. I wrote to the Author Aimee Ray (who has a great blog by the way) and she said she uses Adobe Photoshop. So I am in the process of downloading a free trial. I am so backwards with this stuff!! I've realized that this photoshop thingy costs money which I can't really justify at present. Anyone know how to get a free one? Any suggestions? I guess I can use paper & scissors as one of my friends has just suggested but I have problems enlarging etc on my photocopier. I guess I will work it out eventually!!

This morning we have walked Miss E to school in the beautiful sunshine 

Now Mr N and I are going to spend ALL day at home until it's time to go and pick Miss E up. I have great plans but as usual I am sure I will get distracted, just as I am right now. My house is SO messy. I must get off this thing, mow the lawn, vacuum the floor, do the washing! Sew some things!! Make a lasagne, bake some bannana bread! Oh.... the list is getting longer.
Get on with it Mrs B!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


I can't believe Monday is over! What happened to the weekend? And what has happened to summer? I had the heater on tonight.
Well, we did make it to Ink and Spindle's Open Studio
It is a great place! I picked up some vintage fabric which suited the limited funds available to me.( I would have loved some of the Ink and Spindle fabric!) It is a beautiful old building. If you want to take a look, head over to Onabee
She has a cute little video of the studio.
 I had been to Kensington hundreds of times, but never to that little pocket. I was surprised as I drove away to look up and see we were just next to the old silos
I have seen them all my life from the railway line and the freeway, but never up close. they were amazing!


I stuck my phone out of the car window and took these.
We then went off to find a coffee and a milk shake, via Onabee
I love it in there. I bought a new crochet hook and had a lovely look. The owner there (aka Sew Hum I think. I will find her real name one day!)  is always so nice and friendly and chats readily to the kids.
We found a place to have a drink and snack at the White Rabbit Record Bar
The kids had a dance to some groovy music. Hope we didn't annoy anyone!
So, we had a nice afternoon!
I have always liked Saturdays. They remind me of markets and shopping and getting about. I like them better than sundays. Do you like Saturdays or Sundays?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

On the couch!

I ended up sleeping on the couch at 2am! Most nights Miss E gets into bed with me. Mr N usually sleeps all night but last night he had a bad dream about falling off a bus! I felt sorry for him because he never gets to sleep in my bed. We used to all fit in there but now they are getting so big!! So off I went to find a better place. I find the couch more comfortable than their beds. I'm hoping to get an afternoon nap before my night shift!

Picklebug is having a giveaway today. I would love to win one of these! Go and check them out!

It's a funny sort of day here in Melbourne today! It has been raining all night, now it is sunny, windy and sort of muggy. If I can get everyone organized I am hoping to get over to Ink and Spindle's Open Studio 
Not that I will be able to buy much with the $20 in my purse. I have to start being careful. I have been spending way too much money!!
Have a great Saturday!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A few weeks ago I taught myself how to do granny squares (thanks to Pip Lincoln's Book ). I've always knitted but have been scared of crochet. I am now officially addicted. I am making a blanket and have done about 25 so far. I was very pleased until I measured it up and realized I have to do 100! Well, I have plenty of wool but I am easily bored so when I saw this post at Sarah London  I jumped on it! Actually I was at spotlight a few weeks ago when they announced over the loud speaker that they were throwing out wool for 50c a ball!! I wish I had more money that day because I got some really nice bamboo and wool blend which is so soft to use! Picked up some at the op shop the other day too but didn't realize one of them was acrylic. I have decided that I WILL NOT USE ACRYLIC WOOL ANYMORE!! That is it! It feels so horrible, sort of squeaky. I feel it in my fingers like nails on a blackboard! Am I getting a bit strange and quirky? Probably....
So I am going to send all my acrylic that I have been hanging on to for years just in case and I am sending them down to the op shop!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sneezing and eating grapes

It's muggy here tonight .I am eating grapes and sneezing. I have the fan on which I think is making me sneeze. Something is. And when I say sneeze, it is the sort of sneeze that can blow your head off. I really feel as though my insides will come outside if I don't stop soon. The dog is under the table panting and whining, anxious about the thunder he can hear with his special dog ears, rumbling in the distance. I just know rain is on the way because I put a lovely load of washing out there this afternoon.
I am meant to be making a phone pouch for my Mum's new phone. The fabric is chosen, the scissors are out but I just don't seem to have the energy or that creative, loving feeling.
We have had a busy week with the first day of school for my daughter and starting 4 yr old kinder for my son. We walked every day which we don't usually do but I am determined we will do as much as possible. Starting school was emotional for me. The actual day wasn't too bad but leading up to it, I got teary every time I thought about it. Miss E said "I will never have my first day again" and she is right. Did I make it special enough for her? I get the feeling she is slightly disappointed. She had the impression that she would be able to read her brother a book when she got home that night. They had her trace her name which I think she found a little insulting considering she has been able to write her name since she was 3. I'm sure they will work her out soon enough and give her more challenging things to try. 
Well, I think I will change my plans, sit on the couch, watch TV crochet a granny square or 2, or maybe even just do nothing. Do you think that sounds lazy? I do: lazy but deliciously decadent!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last year the kids at kinder grew pumpkins. They sent home a piece for each child to eat and a few seeds. We ate the pumpkin and dried the seed which we then planted:

All went well. With all the rain the pumpkins have gone wild and have taken over the whole vegie garden!

 I have counted about 12 pumpkins growing so far and plenty of flowers! I love pumpkins and so does my daughter. Looking forward to finding new ways to use them!!