Saturday, February 19, 2011

On the couch!

I ended up sleeping on the couch at 2am! Most nights Miss E gets into bed with me. Mr N usually sleeps all night but last night he had a bad dream about falling off a bus! I felt sorry for him because he never gets to sleep in my bed. We used to all fit in there but now they are getting so big!! So off I went to find a better place. I find the couch more comfortable than their beds. I'm hoping to get an afternoon nap before my night shift!

Picklebug is having a giveaway today. I would love to win one of these! Go and check them out!

It's a funny sort of day here in Melbourne today! It has been raining all night, now it is sunny, windy and sort of muggy. If I can get everyone organized I am hoping to get over to Ink and Spindle's Open Studio 
Not that I will be able to buy much with the $20 in my purse. I have to start being careful. I have been spending way too much money!!
Have a great Saturday!!

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