Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a great day! What a great week!

I'm very exited!! Thanks to Pip I have won a 6 month subscription to Mollie Makes Magazine. Hooray!! I think this is a big hint to get organized and start making stuff! I have not been very crafty lately. Don't get me wrong, I have had a hundred ideas floating around in my brain box. I have gathered many ingredients for my crafty ideas! I just need to get to it!! 
Meet Me At Mike's  was my first blog you know and still my favorite. Pip is very inspiring!! 
Lately the weather has been glorious and I think my creative juices have been slightly satisfied by Instagram and my ubiquitous iphone! (I love the word ubiquitous!) Want to see the latest favorites?

Miss E

Mr N

Sun, glorious sun!

Strange fence in Coburg

Yummy morning tea

New haircut

One of my favorite plates

Mr N and I went to the Preston Market today. Don't you love a trip to the market?  I came home with my senses spinning! We went with a friend and her little girl and I love how the children are spoilt by everyone they meet! They had taste tests everywhere. I came home with the car smelling delicious! A combination of freshly ground coffee, a bunch of erlicheer  (I call it Early Cheer!) and a BBQ chicken!

Tomorrow I have permission from Miss E's prep teacher to miss school for the day and go with Gramma and myself to The Craft And Quilt Fair. If I don't get inspiration there I have a problem!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hooray for the Labyrinth!!

I developed a thing for labyrinths!
I became a bit obsessed....
I think it started when I read this . I have the book Birthing From Within. I found it very useful preparing for myself to labour and I also found it useful as a professional. Pam England has a new book Labyrinth of birth. I would love to buy it. I found out how to draw one and I became addicted to it for a while. I even embroidered it onto a bag:

Bit dodgy I know but it was my first try at embroidery. They were the only colours I had at the time. Miss E and I have been googling them this morning and practicing them. Then Miss E has come up with this amazing design:
We have great plans for labyrinths!! I might even get a tattoo!!
 There were lots more I wanted to show here but they are taking ages to load and we are off to Sydney road before Mr N needs to be picked up from kinder. (Miss E woke with a sore throat that is miraculously better)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My daggy photos

Here are a few of the daggy photos I've been taking lately:
My daughter and I out shopping

My son and I in the gym window. We got caught taking this by someone we knew! They might think we"re weird

A dirty gutter

My new knob is making me happy!


Sovereign Hill

We spent Monday night at Sovereign Hill. It was freezing!! I think it almost snowed.

I'm glad we stayed the night. It was too much for our guys in one day. Sorry about the lack of good photos. I only had my phone and my fingers were cold!!
They loved it. It was exiting to be away, even for one night.

What have I been doing?

I've been quiet on here lately.
  • I must have been extremely busy.....Nope!
  • I must have had lots of appointments....nope!
  • Maybe I've been doing very exiting, stimulating, interesting and fun things with my delightful, beautiful children.....Not really.
  • Some amazing, strenuous, creative work in my garden....nope. 
  • Has my house has been cleaned and sorted out from top to bottom....nope! 
  • Some knitting, sewing or making .....does a plain black scarf count? 
No, I have not been doing anything inspiring that I can really put my finger on.
Here is what I have been doing for sure:
  • Washing, drying and folding of clothes, although not enough and not fast enough.
  • Cooking plain, boring dinners, with a couple of exceptions.
  • washing dishes again and again and again....
You can just see my chin in the mirror
  • Yelling and shouting!! I have been doing lots of that. My kids get a bad case of the sillies quite frequently. It drives me mad!!! I feel like a real party pooper but the sillier they get, the madder I get and mostly it ends in tears (sometimes mine!) I am trying lots of new strategies. (with help from Picklebums and Baby Mac ) Sometimes it works. Tonight I have used the divide and conquer method. I have one in the bath and the other is playing the DS (I know...bad!) 
  • We spent a night at sovereign hill (more later)
  • Today we saw the Cars 2 movie with the free tickets I got from Nuffnang
  • Just finished a great book I found at the library: Faces in the clouds by Matt Nable
  • About to launch into : The Tigers Wife by Tea Obreht
  • I have been wasting time on Pinterest
  • And more time on instagram 
 I guess we can't all be amazing all of the time. It's holidays here. We're off to the zoo in the morning. I am going to try really hard not to shout!!