Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doodle Stitching!

I am new to embroidery, but I have great visions of getting better! I bought a new book a couple of weeks ago
It has so many great designs and comes with a CD. I have worked out how to look at the pictures but it says to use an image editing program to make better use of the images. I wrote to the Author Aimee Ray (who has a great blog by the way) and she said she uses Adobe Photoshop. So I am in the process of downloading a free trial. I am so backwards with this stuff!! I've realized that this photoshop thingy costs money which I can't really justify at present. Anyone know how to get a free one? Any suggestions? I guess I can use paper & scissors as one of my friends has just suggested but I have problems enlarging etc on my photocopier. I guess I will work it out eventually!!

This morning we have walked Miss E to school in the beautiful sunshine 

Now Mr N and I are going to spend ALL day at home until it's time to go and pick Miss E up. I have great plans but as usual I am sure I will get distracted, just as I am right now. My house is SO messy. I must get off this thing, mow the lawn, vacuum the floor, do the washing! Sew some things!! Make a lasagne, bake some bannana bread! Oh.... the list is getting longer.
Get on with it Mrs B!!!

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