Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sneezing and eating grapes

It's muggy here tonight .I am eating grapes and sneezing. I have the fan on which I think is making me sneeze. Something is. And when I say sneeze, it is the sort of sneeze that can blow your head off. I really feel as though my insides will come outside if I don't stop soon. The dog is under the table panting and whining, anxious about the thunder he can hear with his special dog ears, rumbling in the distance. I just know rain is on the way because I put a lovely load of washing out there this afternoon.
I am meant to be making a phone pouch for my Mum's new phone. The fabric is chosen, the scissors are out but I just don't seem to have the energy or that creative, loving feeling.
We have had a busy week with the first day of school for my daughter and starting 4 yr old kinder for my son. We walked every day which we don't usually do but I am determined we will do as much as possible. Starting school was emotional for me. The actual day wasn't too bad but leading up to it, I got teary every time I thought about it. Miss E said "I will never have my first day again" and she is right. Did I make it special enough for her? I get the feeling she is slightly disappointed. She had the impression that she would be able to read her brother a book when she got home that night. They had her trace her name which I think she found a little insulting considering she has been able to write her name since she was 3. I'm sure they will work her out soon enough and give her more challenging things to try. 
Well, I think I will change my plans, sit on the couch, watch TV crochet a granny square or 2, or maybe even just do nothing. Do you think that sounds lazy? I do: lazy but deliciously decadent!

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