Monday, February 21, 2011


I can't believe Monday is over! What happened to the weekend? And what has happened to summer? I had the heater on tonight.
Well, we did make it to Ink and Spindle's Open Studio
It is a great place! I picked up some vintage fabric which suited the limited funds available to me.( I would have loved some of the Ink and Spindle fabric!) It is a beautiful old building. If you want to take a look, head over to Onabee
She has a cute little video of the studio.
 I had been to Kensington hundreds of times, but never to that little pocket. I was surprised as I drove away to look up and see we were just next to the old silos
I have seen them all my life from the railway line and the freeway, but never up close. they were amazing!


I stuck my phone out of the car window and took these.
We then went off to find a coffee and a milk shake, via Onabee
I love it in there. I bought a new crochet hook and had a lovely look. The owner there (aka Sew Hum I think. I will find her real name one day!)  is always so nice and friendly and chats readily to the kids.
We found a place to have a drink and snack at the White Rabbit Record Bar
The kids had a dance to some groovy music. Hope we didn't annoy anyone!
So, we had a nice afternoon!
I have always liked Saturdays. They remind me of markets and shopping and getting about. I like them better than sundays. Do you like Saturdays or Sundays?

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