Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Post 72!

I just noticed I have done 72 posts! Can you believe that? I can't. What have I talked about 72 times?
Today,I am giving you a few more instagram shots, just for something different, some random happenings and maybe I will ask your opinion about something....
Hang on while I grab a snack....mmm raspberry liquorice?

Mr N turned 5 this week! We had a pirate party for a few of his friends at the pub. Yes, I went for the really easy option! It is hard having a winter baby... Then I felt a bit lazy, so I sewed all the guests drawstring pirate pouches and filled them with treasure! Hence the photo of my trusty Husqvarna below!

Mr N and I     

My trusty old Husqvarna     
 Now, if I was clever I could work out how to move these photos around!!
One day I will learn.
We have had some very wet weather and some lovely sunny days too. Miss E made the most of the sun last week....
Miss E getting creative
 I have been doing a bit of eBaying and looking around town. I will have to photograph my eBay purchases but here is a cute stool I found at Lost and Found Market in East Brunswick.
A great find
I don't know if I shared a photo of the ducklings at the farm but here is one grown up!
Ducklings grow up!
 How do I get this photo to move up to the top?
We had a pirate party this week!
This is me delirious after night duty a couple of weeks ago

It was very wet at the farm this winter!

Amazing views out there!
 I read about The Happiness Project over at Meet Me At Mikes and decided to buy it! I had a moment of happiness in the sun reading it!
Sunshine and the Happiness Project

Wattle has been blooming

Sky so blue!

Our baby chicken started laying!  

There was something else I was pondering.... I have been very lucky with giveaways the last couple of weeks. I was thinking it is about time I gave something back. Now, I am very lucky to have 10 followers and I was wondering if I should make something to give away? What do you think? I haven't had many comments lately. I was wondering if perhaps the comment thing isn't working. So... anyone out there watching or reading. Should I have a giveaway and what should it be?? I think that is me for the night.... The heater has just turned itself off so it must be late.
Sleeping Angel


Bron66 said...

Some are having trouble leaving comments... I'll try it and see

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! success at last! I have been able to leave a comment, your photos are just great. Yes, I think you should have a give away. x

Lizeylou said...

SO many great pics ... I thought you might like to enter my giveaway ... especially if you are on a winning streak!!

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