Friday, April 15, 2011

Finishing the blanket!!

I have finished the granny squares!! (Thanks to Meet Me At Mikes ) Now the process of putting it together. I have found a great way to do it (via Attic24 ). Last night I sat down to work on it and could not find my lovely blue hook anywhere!! Hunted the house, gave it up for lost. I looked on eBay and bid on a colorful set of 12 for 99c!! Half an hour later I had won them and they are on the way. This morning I quizzed the kids about it... Miss E thought Mr N knew something about it!! "No... I don't remember." Said Mr N. The TV went off until his memory was jogged. Amazing!! Suddenly remembered it was in a secret drawer of his tool box. You never know when you might need a crochet hook apparently!
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