Saturday, May 7, 2011

S is for Saturday, sewing, sugar and sulking.

The kids have gone to the farm early this Saturday. Usually I would revel in the sense of freedom and the peace and quiet. I never feel lonely. I enjoy my own company. Today, for some reason, I feel a bit sad about it. I feel slightly lost, slightly alone. Maybe it has something to do with it being mothers day tomorrow. I know they have left behind the surprises they have been whispering about all week. Maybe it was because they went earlier than usual? Maybe it's that time of the month? Anyway... I have so many things to do. 
I am planning some sewing. I want to make some new draft sausages. My old ones are filthy!
But first I did some baking!
Before the kids left we made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I don't remember where I got the link for these cookies but they were so easy and very yummy.

Do you like my Grandma's plate? I have piles of old plates. Some were my Grandmother's and some were my Mum's that she has picked up from op shops over the years. (Remind me to tell you, my Mum is the Op Shop Queen, even before it was fashionable) I love them all. I eat my toast off them every morning and they give me a warm smiley feeling. One day I will get them all out and share them with you.
In the oven as we speak I have a cake baking. My Mum's recipe, scribbled on a post-it note. I'm not sure of it's real name but it's a favorite here. I call it bran cake. Here it is:
This might be easier to understand:

Bran Cake
  • 1 Cup All Bran (Kellogs original. The stuff that tastes like cardboard)
  • 1 Cup chopped fruit ( I use sultanas and dried apricots, a couple of glazed cherries. You can use mixed dried fruit, whatever is in the cupboard)
  • 3//4 Cup brown sugar (I use a little less and add some golden syrup)
  • 1 Cup milk
  • 1 Cup Self Raising flour (you can use wholemeal if you have it)
Soak fruit, all bran and sugar in milk for an hour or longer. (until all the bran disintegrates). 
Add the flour and mix well
Bake for 1 hour at 180C
Delicious with a bit of butter! 

So, now I have distracted myself for an hour or so, I don't feel so sulky. I should get my sewing machine out, or go and have a lie down before my night duty. Maybe I can tell you about my ideas for the draft stopper another day.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there!
Especially Happy Mother's day to my Mum who is in England on holidays! This post is dedicated to her. She is a clever sewer, a great cook, fancy china painter, lovely Grandma, wonderful in the garden, a beautiful embroiderer and knitter, a lucky op shopper, a caring nurse and the best Mum! Actually when I think about all the things my Mum does, she is pretty amazing! (I know she will deny it but it's true.)


Dianne said...

Hi, the baking looks yummy! I am very impressed with your crochet granny rug! You have got to come along to craft group - we have a few people who are just learning to crochet, so we need more people like you who already can! Must organize to finally meet up - Mondays are good for me, any time in the next few weeks - let me know!

Jen said...

I still have a china mug your Mum painted many years ago and it still makes me smile when I use it. I shall have to try and create some delcious peanut butter cookies me thinks like you do Bron.
Some more hearts coming up too Lovey xxxx

the textured leaf said...

You may just have tempted me to bake today. I wonder if I have allbran in the cupboard?
Looks delicious and I can almost smell it from here. My mum makes one similar you see.
I need a draught stopper too!

Bron66 said...

I had great plans for my draft stoppers. I even bought the kitty litter with which to stuff them. Alas, my stoppers are get to be made. I just don't know where my time goes!! That bran cake is always yummy! And I love your blog Textured leaf!