Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New finds

It's been a while since I posted anything. Where does the time go? Here are a few new things I have found:
I've discovered  the Lost And Found Market in East Brunswick recently. I was pleased to find 3 ramekins exactly the same as the ones my mum used when we were kids. Plus a cute old stool. The stool as gone to the farm  as it matches an old chair up there exactly! Miss E uses it to sit by the fire. I am on the lookout for another. We use stools ALL the time!

Then, I decided I needed a butter dish. I found a few on eBay, put a few bids on and ended up with two!! I love them both the same.

Then, I had a hankering for home made lemonade. My Grandma always used to have a jug of it in the fridge in a big old jug. So I went searching again on eBay. Look what came up!
Not quite the same as Grandma's but it does the same job!
Sometimes when I get an idea, I obsess about it until there is a conclusion. I suddenly decided I needed a mixer and a processor. I researched, gazed at them in shops, deliberated, especially between the Kitchenaid   and Kenwood chef. We always had Kenwood when I was growing up, but the kitchenaids are so beautiful! 
At last I made a choice and I am pleased. I went for function over style:

They've both been getting a bit of a work out. I'll show you later! Off to get Mr N and his friend from kinder....



The butter dishes are a great find!

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Jacana said...

You have inspire me to do more bargain hunting as the stool is just fantastic.

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