Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Urban camping


Here is a shot of a spot on the Upfield Line that has intrigued me for a couple of years. Actually, it could be longer. Every time I am passing between Flemington Bridge and Macaulay stations I have a flash of this place. Next to the graffitied wall, beneath a peppercorn tree, in a vacant block of land there is a tent. It is hard to see in this photo, but you can just make out a flash of red. Every time I pass it, I wonder who sleeps there. Are they homeless? How do they eat? How do they sleep? Do the police notice them and try to move them on? Has anyone else noticed it before? Every time I pass, something is different. One day I saw a campfire and a lady and a man sitting next to it laughing. I saw mounds of earth  piled up there one day and was stricken with sadness that they had lost their home. They hadn't. I'll keep watching and wondering...

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