Monday, December 20, 2010

More sewing

More Babushkas for Christmas!
I've been making more dolls for Miss E's kinder friends. The one on the far right is one Miss E made herself! Here is a closer image:
By Miss E
Talking about my lovely daughter, she had an accident last week. She fell onto the edge of the wheelbarrow and knocked out 4 baby teeth! It was very traumatic (for me and her Dad), blood everywhere, one tooth still hanging. We spent the evening at the Children's Hospital but all ok now. She is just having trouble eating an apricot as I write and she speaks with more of a lisp. Here is some of the kinder art she brought home: 

Peacock feathers in a vase

I can't believe it is so close to Christmas. I feel like I should have more to do. I have a small amount of sewing to do and just presents for Mr M and my Mum. I'm sure I am forgetting something....

This isn't a good photo but it is our nativity candle holder for our table It is so sweet!

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