Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trying not to get stressed

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This Christmas I have decided to try and make some xmas gifts. The Babushkas were from here
The other ones were Ruby dolls from Here.
I also made some bean bag frogs for my nephews which I haven't got photos for. For my step sisters I have got plain canvas bags which I am embroidering. I'll put photos when I've finished. I look at all the other wonderful blogs around and my things are definitely daggy and not very well done but at least I am trying.
I find Christmas a bit worrying.  I don't like the crowds, and the feeling of the time rushing forward. Making things this year gets one more person off the streets.
The kids and I went into the city on Monday. I have started a tradition when they were born. We go into the city on the train, get photos with Father Christmas, buy a new decoration each and finish off with a visit to the Light Spectacular at the Crown. The kids love it! I just wish for a peaceful, worry free Christmas one year. I hope yours is!

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