Saturday, May 5, 2012

I've always loved Saturdays more than Sundays. They have a business about them out in the streets. You can here the odd shout from the football ground nearby. People have places to go. When I was a kid, in the early 80's my mum and Dad would go to the Moonee Ponds Market (no longer there) and come home with loads of cold meat, bread, flowers and bundles of food. At lunch we would put it all out on the table with pickled onions, relishes, cheeses, boiled eggs and it would be a free for all lunch, my favorite lunch. There would usually be housework to do. It was my job to clean the bathroom, ready for visitors coming for dinner Saturday night. There would be baking and cooking going on, the dining room table being set for dinner and a feeling of anticipation for a yummy dinner.
These days my Saturdays are usually slow and lazy. We sleep in and watch TV. We usually have eggs for breakfast and stay in our pyjamas all morning. And we have a free for all lunch. Then the kids get organized and head off for the farm. I always work Saturday night shift. This week I woke up and realized that this week the kids are having a double sleep over at the farm and I am a free agent. I have some housework to do , but before that I am off to some markets:
Sisters Market which is in a new venue today and,
Made nThornbury which I haven't been to yet. 
So I had better get my A into G and get moving. 
Do you like Saturdays better?