Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pjs are the go

We're almost at the end of the school holidays here in Melbourne. It goes so quickly! On Wednesday my kids went with their Dad up to their farm for four whole nights!! As they drove out of the driveway I started to panic a little. What am I going to do for four days without them? I came inside, sat down with a big peice of paper and wrote a big colourful list of all the things I could do on my own. Do you know what? I've hardly done any of them. I picked up two extra shifts and I have spent the rest of the time in my pyjamas! Sure, I've missed the kids. It's been very quiet here but I have eaten what I liked, I have made messes and cleaned them up and I have been totally occupied! Today is the last day of my own little holiday. I've been busy sewing an quilt for my stepsister's new baby to come. It didn't turn out as perfectly as I would have liked but I think she'll like it.

I made banana bread thanks to Pip.
(See I've eaten some! I think one is coming with me to work to help keep some tired midwives awake)

I made myself some pumpkin soup for lunch.

Then the sun started to shine out my kitchen window!
(Sorry about my sad little iPhone photos. I dream of a new camera one day)
Maybe it is time to get out of my pjs and go for a walk...Should I? 


Dianne said...

Hi Bron, good to hear from you again!
I had 2 weeks of school holidays with the kids at home, and barely did any sewing! I made a list too -might start something on it tomorrow, when the boys are back at school!

Bron66 said...

Thanks Dianne! It was the first sewing I've done for ages. The first post for ages too. Amazing what you can get done with a list. My daughter loves to come home and check if I've done everything on my list. I think she will be a list writer too.

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