Monday, April 1, 2013

Long time passing

It has been so long since I wrote anything here! I thought I would start using my iPad to post and do lots of little quick posts instead of long ones. Lets see how I go!!

This is my third loaf of no knead bread. I have been using Gourmet girlfriend's recipe and it is easy and SOOO delicious.
Yesterday was Easter Sunday. The kids were at the farm and I woke up after a post-nightduty sleep wondering what to do with the day. I started looking at the iPad, seeing photos and posts about kids having Easter egg hunts, families away camping, enjoying time together. I started feeling a bit sad and sorry for myself. Then I made a choice not to look at social media, to find the joy in my own company. I read my book, I dug out weeds, I sang to myself and I had a good day!

I am loving my new purple trug in the background!

Today is Easter Monday and I have the day to myself again. I plan to garden, to clean and perhaps to read and I'm going to sing really loudly to the birds in the backyard.
I am reading Shantaram for the second time. I love this book. I will leave you with a quote:

"Prabaker believed with the whole of his heart that his smile made a difference, in people's hearts and in the world. He was right of course, but it took a long time to understand the truth and to accept it"
This week I am going to smile!!


Dianne said...

Hello there! Glad you are back! Definitely must organized that catch up sometime, once school goes back!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

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