Saturday, November 6, 2010

Making things...

One of my best friends just had her much waited for little boy yesterday. She is in another state so I am missing her. Decided to make something for her new little man. I got the idea from Here;
I was quite pleased with the result. I made the girl one first because yesterday I was convinced she was having a girl. But of course it was a boy. The colours represent her family's bomber devotion.
Now I am having trouble working out how to set the photos and text in the right place!! I know I'm not stupid but I really have trouble setting things on these posts sometimes. Practice I guess. 


One of Miss E's frequent installations


Ever Since Miss E was tiny she has been setting up "installations" all over the place. In hindsight I wish I had taken photos. One when she was about 2 sat on the side table for weeks being added to. Bits of paper, toys, flowers. I wasn't allowed to touch them. She set this one up and took the photo herself. I must say, she has never seen an installation in her life. This one was quite complicated but you can't really tell in the photo.
Well the kids have gone off to the farm for the night. I'm doing night duty tonight. I should take something to do, although that will mean a busy night for sure!! I have enjoyed the wonderful weather today, especially getting the washing dry!! 

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