Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Breast is best

I was just reading an article on the Herald Sun Website about women breast feeding each others babies. Here. (I'll try doing a link, my first time) A big hoo ha if you ask me. I looked after a young mum not long ago who had trouble getting her babe on the breast but it was quite a hungry little chicken. I came into the room at one stage and baby was settled. Oh, did she feed? Yes, my sister fed her she said. Great! Mum was tired and frustrated, unable to express more than a few drops, baby unsettled, well done Mum, for finding a solution. Sometimes I think people should just mind their own business. Same with breast feeding an older child. I tandem fed my 17 month old and new born. They both gave up the same week, when my daughter was 2 1/2 and son 15 month. I was disappointed that the little one was finished, but it was their own choice. With the 2 year old I had the policy of don't offer but don't refuse. She then went on to find a dummy (which I hated) Then after she gave it to the fairies at 3yo she took to sucking her thumb like her little brother. As I write my 5 and 4 yr olds are sitting watching tele, thumb in mouth. They'll stop when they're ready.
Good luck to all at the Melbourne cup today!! We're off to my Dad's for a BBQ lunch.

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