Thursday, October 28, 2010

All children are talented


A Babushka by Miss E 5
 I am very proud of my talented children. Miss E has always had some sort of knack for drawing. She seems to be able to capture feeling and character in her faces, and amazing symmetry and colour sense. Not like me at all. I'm not very arty. Miss E has always said she wants to be an artist when she grows up, (and Rapunzel of course) We had orientation for preps this week and it all seemed so clinical. I'm a bit worried she will get lost in the system and she will loose that feeling she has of being somehow special. I've always been amazed by what she can do, the kinder teacher sees it too (or she's being kind to me) I just hope the school teachers see it. I would love to send her to a Steiner school but I can not really afford it and it's too far away. I don't think her Dad is too into it either, although he is very encouraging of her artiness, He gave her a great big box filled with all sorts of paints, brushes and canvasses for xmas.
By Mr N 4

 Mr N is just starting to get better at drawing. He has been drawing sky captains this week. He gets very frustrated if he can't do it the way he wants, screwing up paper or going to find something else to do.
 A sky captain, by Mr N
 This was the cutest little dragon I ever saw, There was a mother one too.
A baby dragon, by Miss E

By Miss E

                                               This week we were without the car for a day. We can walk to kinder but it is a good 25 mins and we decided to find out about the bus. It was something different. On a tues and wed we have 8 trips to and from kinder and I don't think I could do them all so the bus was fun!! For some reason the photo of the backseat boy has merged with the Babushka and I can't undo it!!
Wishing whoever is reading this a relaxing evening!

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