Sunday, October 24, 2010

New week

I was so exited about starting this blog. I thought I would find heaps to talk about. Then I had this feeling of  "who am I to try and write interesting things" and I suddenly dried up on stuff to talk about. It didn't help that I've been reading and hearing things about people much worse off than me in life and other people who are out there helping and doing something for these people in need. I have also been visiting blogs of people a great deal more talented than me, who are making and doing amazing things. It made me suspend this blogging business and think that maybe I was being self-indulgent, lazy and that I really had little talent in writing or creating. Now I think "stuff it" It was never my intention to become a famous blogger. I never meant for anyone to read it anyway!. So, here I am again.
This week has been a normal sort of week. I am knitting a pouch for my beloved iphone with a french knitted strap. It has been a long time since I used a knitting nancy. I remember spending hours knitting with it when I was a kid and never knowing what to do with it once I ran out of wool. At least I have a purpose for it this time.
 I have been reading some interesting letters from midwives working overseas with Doctors Without Borders. Fascinating and brave. The other thing that has been occupying my thought this week has been stories about children close to home that are being abused or neglected. It is just shameful that it is allowed to happen. One little boy I know at 3 was seen to be eating his dinner in bed by himself watching TV while the grownups were socializing outside, smoking and drinking. Some other little girls I know, sisters who I have never known to have a nice thing to say to each other. Instead of using their sisterhood to enhance their difficult, sometimes traumatic lives, they are a divided bunch and fight, bicker and dob. Such a shame and a waste of potential comfort to each other. The parents are too busy, too focused on their own problems to do anything about it. I couldn't help myself and had to say something. I wonder if it will help? My own two spend half of the day in love, being sugary sweet and the other half fighting.
I am just so lucky! I have 2 gorgeous children, a roof over my head and food to eat. I am not in a constant state of conflict, although my marital situation is complicated, I know I  am lucky.

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