Friday, October 8, 2010


I have been listening a great deal lately to the sound track of "East Of Everything". I really love the songs by Jesse Younan, especially the song "Queeny". It's such a sad song. Then I found out that he died after he finished the album which makes the song even sadder. Now I've heard more of his songs, think I'll have to get the album. Great quote from one of his songs...."Lust for life but don't live for lust"
It's been cold today but in the late afternoon the light was lovely and the kids played outside for a while. Miss E had a rainbow ribbon on a stick and we had fun taking photos of it trying to make a rainbow in the sky. Mr N was wearing a dragon cape made of green sparkly material that was making great reflections. I would add the photos but I really can't be bothered getting off the couch. How lazy is that? Hoping to make it to the Sister's market in Brunswick tomorrow. We like to go and get a coffee and a pretzel then peruse all the fantastic stuff for sale. The kids enjoy chatting to everyone. It amazes me how all the stallholders have so much time for my little chatterboxes. We usually come away with a couple of hair clips and lots of inspiration. I work night duty Saturday nights. Sometimes the kids go to the farm with their Dad for the night, sometimes they stay here and when I get home we have pancakes. They love the little rituals of the week. Maybe I should make the most of the rubbish on tele and go to bed early. 

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