Thursday, October 7, 2010

How late...

Worry people

A wonky Big Mamma
          I don't know how it has got so late! I finished my tea cozy (which I'm very happy with) while watching "Criminal Justice" on iview. Now I can hear the police helicopter hovering overhead and there's only a quiet rumble down the street which tells me it's late. I have been looking for the inspiration for this blog the last couple of days. Miss E and I took a few photos of the things we've made lately. They are all very amateur, a bit wonky and not very groovy, but we made them!
        Well, I thought if I just started writing, the inspiration would come to me. I remember traveling overseas a long time ago, I would start writing letters to people and the word would just tumble onto the page. Interesting observations, poetic notions, good stories. I guess in those days I had time to think, I had wonderful places and people to inspire me. It will come I guess. I have to find the roll again......

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