Saturday, June 4, 2011

Learning not to push the point and other stuff

Yes, we did head off to the markets! We had our pretzels, my coffee and their free bubbuccinos. I love the atmosphere at the Sister's Market, although I always feel rushed because I know the kids will loose it any minute. We didn't buy anything, but I love to look. On the way to the other market Mr N said he didn't feel well but I pushed on. A quick zip around the Pascoe Vale Spinners and Weavers Exhibition and I bought these beauties:
Not sure what they will make. I'm thinking of a red beanie for me with one of them. 
By the time we got home, Mr N had to lie down. He was looking a little pale. Amazingly he sparked up, then I started to feel a bit queezie (and more, I won't go into details). I had to ring up sick because I knew not what was to come. Last night we were at Dad's for dinner. The kids were having a bit of trouble eating, which is sometimes a problem at home. I made Mr N have 2 more mouthfuls and he promptly vomited into his dinner plate. "You shouldn't have made me eat so much, Mum" he said through tear-filled eyes. We made a hasty retreat home. I hope he does no such thing at the farm tonight. Actually, I hope I do no such thing. I'm not feeling crash hot. Not bad enough to go to bed just yet.
So I must learn not to push...

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