Saturday, June 4, 2011

Turn off and head to the market!!

Yarn from Pascoe Vale Spinners and Weavers

I think I am being overly ambitious!! I have delusions of marketing!! It's Saturday morning, ABC kids is on the tele, two children lay like lizards on the couch. "After this show, lets turn it off and head to the Pretzel Market!" (Yeah sure Mum!) The Pretzel Market is The Sisters Market. We try to go every time it is on and the kids enjoy a delicious pretzel and I enjoy their great coffee! I was the planning to go to The Pascoe Vale Spinners And Weavers Exhibition too. I try to go to that every time too. I always pick up some really nice wool. I hope I am as lucky today! I noticed that Dianne from Coburg craft stuff has a similar idea! That's if I get there!! This is always dependent on my slightly unwilling participants.... (wondering if the Pretzel bribe is enough.)

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