Thursday, June 23, 2011

Me and my iPhone!

Have I told you how much I love my iPhone! We are such good mates. He does everything for me. I have so many apps I have had to give him a quick makeover and rearrange. 
At the moment one of my favorite apps and biggest time waster is Instagram.
People are posting wonderful photos on here. iPhonography is almost becoming a new art form! I've been posting a couple a day and here are a few of my favorites:

My new tea cup

Waiting at the car wash

Waiting at kinder, through the sun roof

Lilly Pilly

Waiting at swimming
4 yr old freckles

6 yr old freckles

44 yr old freckles

St Pauls

Morning tea at the deli

Morning tea at my house

Brunswick st

Brunswick st


Brunswick St

Brunswick St

If you already have instagram my name is Bron66. Follow me if you like. I am following new people every day but one of my favorites is sionfullana. He is a photographer/journalist living in New York. He takes a shot every day of the Starbucks window. I love his photos. You can see his iPhone photos Here
I usually take the original photo with my hipstamatic app. I love how they turn out! 
What do you think? I never took photos like this before. Am I cheating? 

(apologies to those without the aforementioned phone. I can't help it - I am obsessed)


Lizeylou said...

Great photos ... love the freckles!

Jen said...

You are possessed...I am jealous. It's my birthday next week and all I want is an iPhone...somehow I don't think I'll get one though.....

themodernparent said...

Me too! Thanks for the tips on new people to follow. As a photographer too sometimes you feel a little like cheating when you get to use so many amazing apps & effects so easily, but then when digital cameras came
out the old school photographers used to think they and programs like photoshop were cheating. So I guess it's just the way of the world! And if you enjoy it then why not embrace it!