Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have a decision to make. I have been in my house for over 10 years. A few cosmetic changes have been made over the years but not everything! It is a late 40s brick, sort of deco (?) I am sure others would have made it groovy. I had big plans then kids came along and money and space have been the issue. So I have just been living here. I still have the same old metal venetians and light fittings. (see photo) I have always hated this light that sits over our dining room table. It pulls down so you can play bridge! So now I have money to replace this and the lounge one in the adjoining room. There are so many possibilities that I am having trouble deciding. They should really be matching but the dining room is our work space. We do writing, crafts etc here so I need something that shines a good light. I guess I need to go looking!

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Kimberley said...

hey your not the only one with a pull down light. We have a horrible green tin one that I think is suppose to be used over your dining table or maybe for pool playing we really don't know. Its good for when we are watching tv though you pull it right down to the floor and the light isnt straight into your eyes so isn't that bad after all.
Also I have awarded you a stylish blogger award head over to my blog to find out how to accept your award,
Kim :-)