Friday, January 7, 2011

Hair makes you feel better


I got my hair cut yesterday for the first time in months. It makes me feel so much better!! I tried a new hairdresser and she was great. I just couldn't believe how much it cost. No wonder I do it so rarely. 
 I am still having trouble putting photos where I want them on the page! 
I have been reading lots of posts about New Year resolutions. I was thinking about it myself and I know I am not much good at sticking to them. I've decided therefore to choose one thing to focus on: 
I want to be more fun!
I have started realizing that I can be quite controlling around the house and quite boring in social situations. I have lost my spontaneity and sense of fun. The kids often get quite a pleasant surprise if I am suddenly playful and not grumpy. Their Dad is so much more fun than me. So that can be my focus for the year!!
I also have been thinking that I need to BE who I want to BE! In a way I mean to "be the change I want" I think this topic can be saved for another time: A late night, peaceful, quiet, thinking time, not a morning, TV on, noisy, windy time like this morning. Now for some reason my mouse has stopped working. I am really not very good with gadgets!!

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