Monday, January 17, 2011

Sun room

I have a tiny room at the back of my house which I laughingly call the "sun room". It is really a boot room/freezer room/place to drop things on the floor. The dog's bed is here so it usually smells of dog.

Today though it smells like something has died.... What is that smell? Do you think it's time I tidied? I feel like my day has been spent looking for things. I have got some material together to sew some dolls for the flood relief. (see previous post) Now I can't find my scissors anywhere!! If I can't find them I can't cut fabric and therefore I can't make the dolls!! Will I have to buy new ones?
In other news, our baby chick is growing

We call it Sooty. I think it might be a rooster. It should be called Sooky Bubba because every time you go near it it squawks and really carries on. Eliza says I can't call it that cos I will hurt it's feelings. See how our grass has grown? Do you think I need to mow?
Well, I'm off to do some more searching for these damned scissors. Otherwise we're off to spotlight!!

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Dianne said...

Until yesterday our grass was so long you couldn't even see our chickens in it!!!
I would love to receive a surprise craft gift, thank you! my email is

I put the link for the hope softies on the blog, will try and arrange a Victorian collection also.