Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dolls for Qld

I never found my scissors, so off to spotlight I went. I had no idea what sort to get. I knew I should spend more money and get good ones but I ended up with a 3 pack in the middle of the range. How disappointed I am! They are nowhere near as sharp as my old ones! I'm hoping the old ones will turn up!
So I was able to make the dolls and they'll be off to Qld tomorrow along with an owl.

Pattern from here:  Dolly Donations

Pattern adapted from here: lucykatecrafts
I'm not a very good sewer so they are not perfect but I hope someone will like them!

1 comment:

willywagtail said...

They are gorgeous! I particularily love the big eyes on the owl. I'm sure I saw him/her in the big photo. Cherrie