Sunday, January 23, 2011

A few wet photos

This time last week I had to leave my car on the road and walk in to pick up the kids at the farm because of the water. I have lost count of the times I had to walk in the last few months. We have had so much rain!! This is the first opportunity I have had to post them. I must say I don't have a very good camera, just a daggy old point and press. I have found my beloved iphone is just as good and I always have it with me. I have a manual SLR that was an insurance replacement years ago but I don't use it much. I dream of the day I can get myself a digital one!! Anyway, I apologize for the poor quality of my photos but I hope you get the idea.

These are the after shots by the way. It was much worse. I love walking in here. This day was different though, It was humid, warm. You could feel, smell, hear the moisture in the air. How can you hear moisture you ask? The bugs. Wet bugs make a different sound. It was so noisy and yet peaceful. It amazes me how each time I go here the atmosphere is different. It inspires me every time. A 10 min walk to change the day. We have to go out tomorrow to feed the chooks. Mr M is away for the week. I wonder what the place will be then? I will let you know....

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