Monday, January 24, 2011

Feeding the farm chooks!

Kangaroo prints
It rained quite heavily here last night. We had to go out to the farm to feed the farm chickens. We have chickens here too but Mr M keeps some at the farm and he is away this week. As we didn't have any chance of being helped out with the excavator if we got bogged, I decided we should park the car and walk in, give the dog (Barney) a run at the same time.

We fed the chickens, watered the plants, had a play then set out on the walk out, this time a different track. By the time we had got to the car we realized we had lost Barney along the way. Had to go all the way back to the barn and here he was having a sleep! And I was thinking he was chasing a rabbit! He had me worried. It would be terrible to loose him while his Dad is away!

I enjoyed the walk and took these photos with the phone. It was different to when I was there the other day. Not so hot. More bird noises than bugs, the moisture still there but not as humid. I just wondered how I can get a 4 year old to stop whining and live in another more enjoyable moment. What happened to finding a stick, a bug, stamp on an ants nest, climb a tree. I fear we have been looking at too much TV, perhaps staying in our comfort zone too much. My new resolution....get out more!!

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